Flowmaster 70 Series Chambered Muffler 53071

[ad_1] OverviewThe 70 series utilizes Flowmaster’s Delta Flow technology and an enlarged case for improved sound control along with mileage and power gains. Perfect for use on trucks, SUV’s, RVs, tow vehicles and high performance street cars where space allows. ConstrucFeatures Improved Horsepower, Torque and Engine Efficiency Mild to stock[…]

2005-2010 Dodge Dakota Cat-back Exhaust System Flowmaster Force II 17458

[ad_1] Overview This Flowmaster Force II® cat-back exhaust system is custom designed for 2005-2010 Dodge Dakota trucks with V6 or V8 engines and is perfect for the person looking for a moderate sound level inside and outside of the truck, with all of the performance benefits that you would expect[…]